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When the time comes to sell a home, every homeowner wants to sell it
  • quickly,
  • painlessly,
  • at the highest price possible, and
  • without protracted negotiation and settlement problems.
Making the right moves at the right times greatly increases the probability of selling your home and getting the best offer.

This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the home selling process.  You can read the entire seller tutorial starting with "Why You Are Selling Your Home", or you can jump to the specific sections listed in the menu.

Many of the upcoming pages have Adobe Acrobat Reader® (PDF) documents attached (get Reader® for free).  Full versions of the .PDF files automatically appear for those who log in.  The first two pages of these files automatically appear to those who choose not to log in.  Our recommendation?  Register and log in to see everything.  Registration is free, and we do not spam our user community.

Remember to check out the worksheets which include on-line calculators and downloadable checklists. They are there to help you assess your situation, your financial position, and your readiness to sell.

Sell your hometoday!

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